Not glad about living in the North and brutal cost of heating

When I was offered a task promotion that required myself and others to transport up north, I was thrilled about it.

Since I’d always lived in the Deep South, I looked forward to a sizable change in scenery and weather.

I’d never witnessed snow, however it really looked beautiful in movies. I couldn’t wait to buy fuzzy jackets, cute boots and mittens. I had no clue in the least what I was getting myself into. The fall weather was lovely with crisp hot and cold temperatures and beautiful colorful leaves. I happily spent a good amount on up-to-date clothes and my heating bills. I was seriously unprepared for the reality of a winter season in the North. The temperature swiftly dropped to single digits and several feet of snow accumulated in merely a night. I swiftly was able to learn that snow is wet and freezing and awful. I had to to go out and buy a snow shovel, ice scraper and rock salt. It took me a long period of time just to dig out and warm up my vehicle before I could actually go anywhere. I had to hire someone to plow my driveway on a regular basis, and I got wet feet every time I got the mail. I kept setting the temperature control equipment a little higher every other day and I still woke up shivering like crazy! When I got my heating bill, I felt like I wanted to cry. I figured there was something horribly wrong with the heating equipment. I decided to hire a Heating, Ventilation, and A/C equipment professional for repair, and he found no problems other than a slightly clogged air filter. He actually suggested I buy a humidifier to improve comfort in the property. I wasn’t real eager to spend even more money on temperature control. I only ended up living in the North for that year. The freezing cold weather was too much for me to handle. I took a pay cut and headed back south where I could appreciate more comfortable temperatures and a/c equipment.

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