What a sneaky rip off they pulled

I worked short term for a local heating and air conditioning company one time, but I quit within a few weeks.

When I got there I was the youngest of all the HVAC workers.

And because of this they wanted to make sure that I knew what I was doing, so they made me pair with other Heating and A/C servicemen until they were sure that I was qualified, while certainly working with these other Heating and A/C servicemen, I began hearing conversations and then finally realizing that these HVAC people were up to no good, these Heating and A/C workers would steal supplies while every single last one of us were at the shop loading materials for our work, but they never told the boss what they were doing. Also, I was witnessing them write down the prices that the owner of the Heating and A/C contractor was bidding for different tasks, but I didn’t have a clue why… Finally, the pieces all linked when they invited me to join the brand new HVAC business that they were going to start. They were stealing the Heating and A/C supplies as well as outbidding the boss to beginning their own dealership in HVAC, but I wanted no parts in it; Sadly, the owner of the Heating and A/C contractor didn’t know until after it happened, plus it almost closed down his own Heating and A/C dealership. Everyone was shocked at what happened, but thankfully, people refused to work at the Heating and A/C dealership that had stolen everything from the poor guy.


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