Lowering my bill

It can sometimes be maddening trying to figure out what’s making your electric bill so high.

Now that I’m using mostly all LED lights in and around my house, the lights alone have little impact on my energy expenses.

I don’t use them when it isn’t necessary, however it’s nice not getting upset when you find a bulb you left on for a morning or three that was by accident. The appliances are an unusual story though. I do a lot more laundry while it’s summer, simply because I sweat more and my clothing gets dirtier as a result. Running my oven ends up using a lot of electricity as well, however the worst thing it affects is the My entire family room oven will raise the temperature in my house by a degree or 2 if it’s on for over a minute. This ends up making the cooling system react by running harder. I had another variable exacerbating my cooling system performance that I would have never considered before speaking with an Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C specialist. Believe it or not, my window coverings have been letting too much sunlight inside, and too much cool and conditioned air outdoors. With better window blinds, you can lower your electricity bill from fewer cooling system cycles to maintain the same indoor temperature. I have mostly leaky windows to start off with, so having wonderful window coverings that keep my conditioned air indoors is a big time improvement. It’s also cheaper to buy new curtains than it is to have your old windows ripped out and replaced completely. I hope to save towards getting new windows down the road, but for now I’m thrilled with my new window blinds. They already noticeably lowered my electric bill within the first month of use.

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