The installation went pretty smooth

For the longest time I thought that I had the single best school bus on the whole lot. I had A/C in our school bus, which was a desired commodity. There were only many buses on the lot that had A/C and every one of us had a bus fleet well over forty strong. My bus was for special needs children and the handful of other buses were for longer trips while every one of us were in the summer, or for an emergency. I was asked to take a long trip to NY City with a load of band students. My own daughters were also going on the trip, so I thought it would be a fantastic trip to take and spend some quality time with our youngsters. We were halfway to NYC when the A/C went out. Without the A/C working, our windows were fogging up from the heat and humidity of the adolescents talking playing and singing. Even with the windows open, all every one of us had was more humidity. It wasn’t that bad on the way to NYC, however on the way home, it was murder. I had the fans running on full blast, and I had to turn on the heating. The adolescents were complaining about needing to have the heat on when it was already eighty degrees out, even though I needed to be able to see. When my windshield is fogging over, you can’t see to drive. One of the kids from the back brought up a dirty tee shirt. He began to wash the window for myself and others whenever it began to fog. I didn’t even ask where the tee shirt came from even though I noticed that when every one of us got home, 1 of the other band kids was wearing his band shirt.


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