We keep it in house

I run an office building that does a lot of printing work for our clients.

The two of us are regularly sending out memos as space of our day to day operations, not to mention all the promotional materials.

Because of this we regularly have to have a commercial printer situated in the building fully truly working. Having a commercial printer is actually a must for this kind of thing in any office building that is regularly sending out memos and posters. Having just a basic modern residential printer that you would use at your own lake condo just doesn’t work. There is just too much being printed to do that. I actually have been running the operations here for about 3 years now & the huge commercial printer that we have truly broke down a single time & we had to call some expensive professional to have it repaired. If you are not common with what a commercial printer is or how exactly it works, it is a large piece of office equipment that all the people probably would not even want to have in their home. Even if they have themselves a lake condo office, rather than buying a commercial printer, they generally hire out some sort of printing repair to handle all of their mass printing needs. I just happen to have a buddy who does that & runs his own company strictly out of his home. I know I am lucky enough to work for a supplier & in an office where all of that is regularly taken care of for us. The only thing I have to ever worry about is making sure that the huge commercial printer is regularly fully truly working.


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