My friend and I debated about which state is the hottest

I was having a debate with a pretty good buddy of mine the other day. Both of us were basically talking about something as well as trying to agree on which state is the hottest; Arizona, TX or Florida. I would definitely go with Arizona because you have to use your central a/c machine most of the year, as well as it is only a few months out of the year that you will find yourself utilizing the central oil furnace. He tended to disagree about this entirely telling me that although the state may be especially hot all year round, that when TX gets their heatwaves in the summertime you will be nearly crashing your central a/c machine trying to combat it! While that may be true, it is not as really as hot as Arizona. I should know, I lived in Arizona for a long time. Florida on the other hand was also a part of this particular debate. But we both ended up agreeing that Florida seems the hottest because of the awful humidity that happens to be mixed with awful air quality. So we took that off the list. So it entirely came down to Az as well as TX! Both of us couldn’t manage to agree on this. It didn’t matter that in a certain place you had to run the central a/c machine all year round! That wasn’t really enough for him! So we looked up a bunch of statistics online of changing temperatures. And as I knew the whole time, I was right. Arizona was definitely the hottest state in the country separate from any further question! My good buddy did his pouting in the corner knowing he lost as well as that I was correct!


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