I’m so done with window air conditioning

When I moved out of our parent’s house, I was naive to heating and cooling, however didn’t think or care that much about it, then my thoughts back then was that all HVAC systems were pretty much the same, with slight differences, but i thought that any Heating and A/C device would work for any home, and that is where I was mistaken, when I moved into our first apartment, I had a window air conditioning system unit.

I figured the window air conditioning would be able to cool the whole apartment efficiently.

I was actually, actually wrong; The window air conditioning system barely cooled the room that it was in, and unless you were within 5 feet of it, you could barely guess anything. There were various sweltering afternoons outside, and our window Heating and A/C didn’t do a thing to help. It was the most unhelpful Heating and A/C idea ever. I called our parents and asked what kind of Heating and A/C device they had, and they told myself and others they had a central air conditioning. I knew our next location had to have a central Heating and A/C system. My last straw with the window air conditioning system was when it started leaking and water was pouring down the walls. I was so done with window air conditioning system. I was able to cancel our lease a little early with our apartment and move to 1 with central heating and cooling. I made sure that any apartments I considered moving into had to have a central cooling system, because in our experience those are the best. I never have any concerns now with our new central Heating and A/C.

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