Saving on HVAC cooling doesn’t have to be painful

When most people move down here, there is some summer shock involved.

Unless you’ve lived through this sort of summer, it’s just hard to really understand what it’s like.

Often, I talk to folks who moved down here from the north who have some pretty skewed expectations. They move down here say in the fall when the weather is perfect. The HVAC cooling needs are waning. And this is the time that most of these folks had come down here to vacation. So the fact that they are living somewhere that has such a mild winter is a really big deal. These folks rejoice in the fact that there is no need for a gas furnace or any sort of HVAC heating method like that. The heat pump more than does the job when it’s called upon for heating which isn’t all that often. Then these new folks start seeing the temps rise as the spring comes. Before long, they are shocked to be virtually imprisoned inside the HVAC cooling comfort of their homes when summer hits. It really doesn’t have to be this way. If people will simply accept the fact that it is really hot here, they’d get along much better. Too much air conditioning too quick makes the summer even more unbearable. So I always caution new comers to take the spring and really let themselves get accustomed to the heat. Then turn on the air conditioning for the summer. This saves money on HVAC cooling and helps save some sanity while making the summer less severe to deal with.

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