Air conditioning is essential for me to get a great night's rest

In order for me to get a really good night’s sleep, I have to have certain things in place.

I need to have a cozy area where I can lay down.

The bed needs to be soft and the pillow has to be perfect. I can’t have wrinkles in my sheets, and I want only the most comfortable of blankets. They need to be light and yet be able to make me feel like I am being swaddled in cotton. Finally, I have to have the best air conditioning I can get. I won’t watch television, use my cellphone, tablet or even my computer, for at least an hour before I am ready for bed. I don’t want the blue light of their screens to disturb my REM sleep. I turn the air conditioner as low as possible to get the room nice and cool. I cuddle up under my blankets so I am warm and cozy, and then I can sleep. Sometimes, if it is even the slightest bit humid, I will also turn on my fan to help the air conditioning out. My friends call me crazy, so I looked it up. I found out that even the experts believe that the best sleep comes when the air is cooler in the bedroom. I make sure my AC is always in tip top running conditioning. I don’t want to be left without the AC during the hottest part of summer, or during any part of the warmer season. I think I would give up my favorite blanket, before giving up my AC unit.