Problems with cooling system caused by lack of repair

Living in Largo, Florida, the cooling system is a priority plus a necessity.

I run the cooling system nearly all year round, plus it respectfully handles temperatures in the high nineties or even triple digits. I spent quite a bit of cash for a high-efficiency, Energy Star rated cooling system for my home. When I first started up the cooling device last year, I observed that it was making some weird noises. I hoped that it would work out any concerns after it ran for a while. Instead, the concerns grew steadily worse. There was a musty aroma coming from the vents plus a significant amount of dust plus other contaminants circulating in our breathing air. The cooling system seemed to be supplying less cool air than normal, and despite lowering the temperature control numerous times, the property felt slightly warm plus sticky. The cooling system ran just about non stop plus the cost of my monthly energy bill was a undoubtedly unpleasant surprise. When I finally tried professional repair, the servicemans opened up the cooling system and showed me the problem. There was a good deal of dust, lint, mold growth plus all sorts of debris clogging the inner workings. There was even algae growing in the condensate drain. This buildup was restricting airflow, hindering performance plus forcing the cooling system to work harder, use more energy plus cycle longer. Not only was the cooling system putting out less cool air, there was also the risk of polluted indoor air quality, but fortunately, a thorough cleaning plus tuning fixed the numerous concerns with operation. I have now enrolled into a repair program for the cooling system.


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