Heat Pumps Hit the Spot

Extreme summer temperatures come with living down South.

The sun shines almost daily.

That mixed with the latitude is a great recipe for some very high temperatures during the summer. Good HVAC air conditioning is simply a must. I’m a bit more fortunate because I live in a part of the South that still has a semblance of seasons. There is just no comparison to the types of winters they endure in the North. But, it does get cool enough at times to warrant turning on the heat. That is why I’m so thankful to have a heat pump for my heating and cooling needs. I like knowing all I have to do is move the thermostat from heat to cool given the season. The heat pumps versatility requires steady and certified maintenance. So, it is still vital to have the heat pump maintained semi annually just like everywhere else. Yet, I find it wondrous that the heat pump is able to extract heat energy from the outside air. The heat pump actually reverses refrigerant flow to enable it to draw the heat energy from the ambient air. So, unlike my cousins to the North, I don’t ever require a furnace. Now, there are occasions when the temps drop low enough that the heat pump needs some help heating. However, there is an electric heating plate in the heat pump to help supplement the heat energy on cold nights here. Really, having a heat pump for my heating and cooling needs is just the best of both worlds. Heat in the winter and efficient cooling during the summer.

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