Temperature Gun Illuminates Treated Air Escape Routes

I’m fairly sure I’m hot natured genetically or something.

Perhaps I’m using that term incorrectly. What I mean is that cold temperatures affect me so much more than most people. Winter is such a tough time for me. I have never been a fan of cold weather and having to spend the equivalent of a car payment to stay warm every month. And even then, I still feel cold inside my home. I feel a draft just about everywhere I try to sit in my house. The answer wasn’t simply to turn the furnace up a bit more. Instead, I went out and purchased one of those temperature guns figuring I could find the source of the draft myself. Boy, I felt so smart and proactive. That lasted about 5 minutes until I actually went outside and began using the temp gun. It turned out I didn’t have to search to hard to find out where the trouble spots were. They were all over the exterior of my home. So, I decided to just slow down and attack the situation methodically. Each wall of my home was inspected one at a time. The job of closing up the draft gap just became a part time job. The worst spot was around all the window. Either they were not properly insulated when the house was built or the weatherstripping had failed. It didn’t matter because I replaced both on every single window. I also found the entry doors also needed to be both further insulated and that weatherstripping replaced. It took just over a month of weekends but I finally got the house sealed up. I still hate the cold but the drafts don’t exist in my house anymore. And, the utility bill has gotten a whole lot more manageable.



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