Perks to being on the road in a big truck

There are some perks that come to being a trucker, I am always on the road and seeing new places.

I meet some awesome people and get to learn about all kinds of different things.

Last week I was on the road down south when I stopped for dinner at a local diner. As I was drinking my coffee, I started a conversation with the man sitting next to me. He told me all about his life and we talked for a few hours. He is an HVAC tech and specializes in ductwork cleaning and repairing AC units. He told me all kinds of stories about his days in the HVAC business, and made it sound like an interesting job. I told him I have been thinking about switching careers so he gave me his business card. After our talk I started to search the internet for HVAC providers that offered training and certifications. I couldn’t find much on the subject, so I called my new friend. He gave me the name of his HVAC school, and gave me some tips for starting HVAC training. I told him I would like to work with him sometime, as he seemed like a really great guy. He offered me an apprentice position if I am willing to learn some of the HVAC repair on my own. I have been using videos to teach myself about ductwork cleaning and AC installation. I brought up the idea that since he specializes in AC unit repair, I could be his heating repair guy. I think we will make a great HVAC team, and maybe even start our own HVAC business one day soon!


Air conditioning professional