The high school had no cooling system at all

The only thing I remember about my days in highschool is how hot the building was.

The principal wasn’t the nicest guy, and I really don’t think he cared about the students well being.

The thermostat was covered by a glass box, and whenever I passed by it I could see that it was off. I never understood why the principal didn’t care if there was AC in any of the classrooms! The gym didn’t even have AC, which made gym class a horrible experience. There were no showers either. It got pretty hot some days in our school, and I even saw some teachers with portable AC units in the classroom. The ironic part was that our school had an HVAC program, and even that classroom was hot! I joined the HVAC program one day by accident, as I had just gone to talk to them about the schools lack of AC. When I walked in they were doing a furnace repair, and it looked pretty exciting! I went to talk to the principal that day about switching in to the HVAC repair program, and I couldn’t believe what happened when I walked into his office. I was sitting there waiting for him when I noticed how nice it felt in the room. I looked over to my side and saw an AC unit in the window! I was shocked that there was actually an AC unit in the school, and that the principal was keeping it all to himself. My conversation with the principal went well, and he allowed me to switch into the HVAC program. Now whenever I go to schools to fix their AC units, I think back to my days without air conditioning.



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