I hired a nutritional counselor form my grandmother.

After Grandpa passed away, grandma was having a rough time.

She all but gave up on life which weakened her immune system.

She had lost almost forty pounds and she had never been heavy so now she was super thin. When she contracted pneumonia, I was watching her wither away to nothing. I called a nutritional counselor to see what we could do to get her back on track. I knew she had to gain some weight. She had lost another fifteen pounds and she was nearly twenty pounds underweight. The nutritionist told me about drinks that I could purchase in any local store. She told me that I needed to buy the drinks that had protein in them and she gave me the amount of protein. A couple weeks later, she came by the house and she a physical therapist with her and he was going to start rehab. He got her out of bed and made her walk with him. He gave her a walker and every time she got unsteady, he would stop and put his hand on her back. When she was ready, they walked again. The physical therapist was very patient, but he was strict when he said that I needed to make her walk at least one lap every hour. I knew Grandma was going to argue and he told her the same thing. He also said he would come back every day for the next month to make sure she was walking and eating. She gained fifteen pounds that month and she is now walking in the garden.

Personal Fitness Expert