Smart thermostat as a wedding gift

I got the most interesting gift for my wedding.

I guess that I’m a difficult person to buy gifts for, however this was literally the weirdest gift I’ve ever acquired.

My aunt Ruth bought myself and my new husband a gift wrapped smart temperature control for my wedding. At first I was mad about it, because what new bride wants a smart temperature control for her wedding? I was expecting an envelope with cash or a nice toaster or even a piece of art or a book, however a temperature control device? It was genuinely odd to open the extravagant gift wrapping plus see a large temperature control in the box. I absolutely didn’t know what to say when I opened it too. After the initial shock wore off, my aunt installed the new smart temperature control plan for me. She then programmed it for me. It was only then that I noticed the temperature control has some absolutely amazing features on it. It was going to make my life much nicer! It was an incredibly thoughtful gift for my aunt to get my husband and I; For instance, the temperature control learns your Heating and Air Conditioning habits. It then schedules the time, temperature plus room to give it to you. This helps you save energy on heating plus cooling. It changes on its own. Once you set your timed program, it knows what to do plus you barely ever have to touch it again! You can also switch the thermostat from anywhere, as long as you have wireless connection. You just need the smartphone app on a tablet.

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