Ended up with a cheap system

There are a few times that it is too good to be true.

I always disliked that phrase as a kid.

But now that I’m an older woman, I can absolutely understand that statement. I needed to buy an air conditioning plan for my house last hot season. The older 1 just up plus stopped cooling 1 day. I looked around at many different Heating as well as Air Conditioning companies to try and find the best device for my space. I wished for a high efficiency air conditioning system device that was low in price. That never happens for a person though. Yeah, you get what you pay for. I found the same style of cooling plan at numerous odd sites. They were basically all priced the same. Then I came across a modern Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier online plus they said they had the same ac plan for a whole lot less. And they provided free set up cost too! I leaped on that offer plus had them out to the house to set up my brand new cooling plan within the week. After it was all set up for a week or 2, the house stopped cooling off like it used to. A week after this, I observed that there was a weird burning odor coming out of the air vents. My air conditioning system was warming up after only 1 week of use. It totally stopped on me. The HVAC dealership is not giving me a discount on the repair. The other Heating plus Air Conditioning companies won’t touch the component at all. Apparently it is not the same component as theirs.


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