Bought car in the summer, but it doesn’t have heat in the winter

Occasionally you have to be extremely careful about the context of making your decisions.

  • I have come to realize this the hard way several times over in our life.

For instance, sometimes it seems like a very good cause to jump into a potential solution before you have fully delineated all of your other options. Because of the circumstances surrounding this decision seeming to be rather dire, you will leap into action before you can fully parse your other options. This is exactly what has happened to myself and others with our marital life, our residences, and our higher education. If I had taken the time to suppose about any of these decisions with more wisdom and such, I would easily be a lot better off, and recently, it looks like I did the same thing when purchasing a brand new car. It was the middle of summer time when our old car overheated. The climate control machine stopped easily working one afternoon and the engine nearly exploded as the temp shot through the roof. I hastily needed to find a new vehicle so I could get myself to task in the brutal summer temps, when I went to the car dealership I made sure to test drive multiple vehicles and check out the air conditioning rather closely. I needed to make sure that I had enough nice ice chilly indoor air to ward off the sweltering heat and humidity of the season. I found a car that seemed to possess everything I needed, including a correct heating and cooling system. Sadly, I only found out Last weekend that the car furnace had a lot to be desired. Because I purchased the car in a rush in the middle of anywhere, it had never dawned on myself and others that I should check the furnace. Now I have an ice chilly car year-round… And that has not easily what I was going for.



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