My father is dying from the heat while visiting us in Largo for Independence Day

I finally convinced my Mom to come visit my partner, my kids, plus in Largo, Florida this year for Independence Day. He’s a Michigander plus has lived in that state for his entire life. He came down to Florida a few times over the years after my mother moved my brother plus I down here, but he consistently hated the weather more than anything else about this state. Despite Michigan having uniquely sizzling summers because of its geographical features, my Mom said the radiant heat here is much more intense because Largo, Florida is 1,200 miles closer to the equator than his home in central Michigan. Naturally, that will supply the entire part much more heat intensity while in the summertime season, even if the temperature matches whatever it reads in Michigan at the same time. It’s the heat index which will be harshly weird depending on where you are in the country at any given time. Even before moving to Largo, I lived in Oldsmar plus my pal and I had similar weather. Back after that my pal and I would hop onto the U.S, however highway 19 plus drive up the coast northward to Holiday or New Port Richey. However, this year my pal and I will be staying at my property for the June 4th holiday, regardless of the high heat advisory issued from the National Weather Service. Temperatures could jump into the low 100s because the high yesterday was 98 degrees at 3:00pm. I know my Mom is going to hate waking up to even hotter weather tomorrow morning, but I can’t control the southwestern Florida sun anymore than any other man in the sunlight state.

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