Dealing with no air conditioning at the hairdresser

Then they used the hairdryer which shoots out hot air.

Getting my hair done is by far the best thing on this planet. Have you ever had someone play with your hair? If you have, you know how wonderful it really feels. I could just sit for hours while one person just sits there and plays with my long beautiful hair. I went to the hair dresser the other day. It really was time for a trim. My hair had gotten so long. The ends were dying. They seemed to be very dried out. I walked in and immediately was sweating. Their air conditioning must have been out. It was a good thing I was at least wearing a nice short sleeved shirt. I did not want to get pit sweat. That would have been embarrassing. They at least apologized for the heat. It would not start that morning. They had called the hVAC business but they would not make it until later. They got to doing my hair. To make up for the warm temperatures, they washed my hair with cold water. I think this was an attempt to cool me off. My scalp was freezing cold. I thought my hair might even be frozen. I went along with it as I did want to feel cooler. I could not handle the warmth in the room. They finished my hair and I needed it blown out. Then they used the hairdryer which shoots out hot air. That was truly making me sweat even more. I think that getting your hair done when the air conditioning is out is the worst. After that, nothing is temperature controlled properly.



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