Microneedling helped my stretch marks

My second pregnancy was so much worse than the first one, however my child was giant in my tummy, but he just kept getting larger plus larger.

He would kick, flip plus move around in there as well… The labor process went 21 hours plus he nearly didn’t make it out of me, and it was awful… Of course, he is my baby that caused my stretch marks. I am not a fan of them. My partner says he doesn’t mind them because it shows proof of me carrying plus delivering his baby. How sweet, well I hate them. I went online plus started looking up how to repair them, all the creams, butters, plus lotions that I bought did nothing. I then found there is microneedling for stretch marks. I figured I didn’t have much to lose. I wasn’t going to have any more children plus I hated the look of my stomach. I thought I would try it plus if it didn’t work, no harm no foul, however so I tried the microneedling plus it went great. The stretch marks are considerably less noticeable than before. They are more of a faint line than a big, colorless slash across my stomach, and for the first time ever I don’t mind wearing a two piece bathing suit. I am certainly condeint in my body again. The micro needling was more than worth the money. I plan to go back to the salon in a year to see if they need to do it again or if I am good.

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