Athletic fitness training

I have always enjoyed being a personal trainer.

For years I worked with professional athletes and I worked mostly with football players.

There were so many of them who were out of shape. They needed to have a good nutritionist along with a plan in stretching and muscle building for certain parts of their bodies. Football players tended to only work the muscles they needed to use for the game. I kept stressing that they needed cardio along with the muscles and stretching to keep the muscles ready to work. Aften about ten years, I was tired of the egos of professional sports and I took a job with a fitness center that catered elementary and high school athletes. The little guys were a lot of fun. If one of them didn’t do an exercise right, they would try to mimic him and they would all end up giggling. They tried, but their attention span wasn’t all that good. The middle school kids had their attitudes. They all had a bit of a pouch and as the fitness trainer I tried to show them ways to get rid of it. Unfortunately, they treated more like the pesky aunt or the teacher they loved to harass. I couldn’t get through to them. The high schoolers were more disciplined and they wanted to perfect their craft so they could get scholarships. It was easy to get them to listen to me as a fitness trainer. They were attentive and they worked hard. Finally, being a personal trainer was becoming a fun job.

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