I’ve lost weight but my personal trainer isn’t getting easier

My twin.brother and I are always competing.

When we turned thirty, we decided that this was the time for the ultimate competition.

We were signing up for fitness training. My brother always beat me in sports and he thought this was also going to be a breeze. When we went to the fitness center, he thought he had it in the bag. Our personal trainer was a gorgeous woman who was close to our age. He did a lot of flirting and very little exercise. He put in a good show of doing the stretching she recommended and working out on the machines. Mostly he was posing in an effort to get her to notice him. I was following the nutrition chart they gave me and I was beginning to lose weight. I stuck to the weight lifting the personal trainer gave me and suddenly I had a lot of definition. At the end of the two months, I looked thinner than my brother and I weighed about five pounds more because muscle is heavier. When they did measurements, my arms and thighs were bigger than his, but the personal trainer didn’t let up. She kept giving me more and more goals to reach. I was working out without my brother and working toward becoming a bodybuilder. Finally, Suzanne the personal trainer, starting working out with me as she told me she wanted to go into a couples competition for bodybuilders. It didn’t take long before we became a real couple and now it is my brother that is jealous of me.

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