The limited service plan

I nearly signed up for a heating and air conditioning company service plan that was not really that great! Without really listening to what the HVAC plan was or the sales pitch at first, I figured the price sounded really nice! Then I found that the heating and cooling company‚Äôs service plan was only an a/c plan! Air conditioning coverage only! I was thinking to myself…why on earth would they limit the service plan to just air conditioning!? That made no sense to me at all.

The heating and air conditioning company said that the reason they do that is because some people only care about air conditioning, and an a/c plan works better for them.

That is also why they are able to make the yearly fee so cheap. A lot of people have gone the ductless heating rout in the winters. And some people are even using portable space heaters to save on their monthly energy bills. So the heating business is not exactly what it used to be. And there has been a major decrease in heating repair calls in the winter time months of the year. This all made perfect sense to me after hearing out the heating and air conditioning company sales rep. I ended up passing on the heating and air conditioning company a/c service plan. This was because I do not have too much trouble with my air conditioning in the summer, and if I do, I call them and pay for the HVAC repair service at that point in time. It will benefit some others though I am sure.



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