Should have spent more for a better heating and cooling system

I don’t like to spend money on needless luxuries.

I always shop sales, take advantage of rebates and clip coupons.

I don’t have any top-of-the-line appliances or fun toys. I stick with necessities and practical choices. I purchased the most basic model of heating and cooling system. I couldn’t force myself to spend more to take advantage of all the latest features. I figured I could live without adaptable-speed operation, zone control and remote access. My furnace and air conditioner doesn’t connect to the internet. I can’t set a different temperature in each room in the house. The HVAC system can’t automatically adapt speed in one percent increments between forty and one hundred percent capacity. The heating and cooling system either operates at low or maximum speed. To make adjustments to the indoor temperature, I turn the plastic dial of my ancient thermostat. It regulates the temperature throughout the whole home, but it isn’t very precise. To conserve energy, I need to remember to either lower or raise the temperature setting before I leave for work in the morning. If I forget, I pay to heat or cool an empty house to the ideal temperature. If I remember, I save money but come back to an overheated or freezing cold house. Because my furnace and air conditioner aren’t all that powerful, it takes quite a while to bring the house back to a comfortable level. I’m starting to think that I made a mistake with my frugal choices. Had I spent just a bit more for a better system, I could have a smart thermostat. I could enjoy convenient program and access through my phone or laptop. I’d be able to trim my utility bills through more conscientious management of the heating and cooling system. Plus, the furnace and air conditioner would offer higher efficiency ratings and cost less to run.


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