Our new dog requires little to no AC

Back when my partner and I adopted our very first dog we had no idea how much it would change our lives.

  • Prior to adopting our little guy Spike we had been hoping to adopt a dog for years.

We both had very demanding schedules at work however, and we didn’t feel that it was fair to leave a dog along for such a large part of the day. As soon as we were able to get jobs that require much less hours in the office we both agreed it was time to finally adopt a dog and we couldn’t be happier. Having Spike in our lives has been amazing without question, but there have been some things that have been problematic. One of the things that gave us the most problems was just how cold our dog gets all the time. Spike is a purebred greyhound, so his coat is very thin and he has virtually no fat on his body. When you add in the fact that we had an industrial grade air conditioning unit installed in our home at the time, it was a big problem for him. He was constantly hiding under blankets and looked miserable. Even though we love having strong air conditioning and had fond memories with that specific air conditioner we downgraded to a smaller and less powerful one in the hopes of keeping Spike happy. As soon as we made the switch he seemed like a different dog with newfound energy. What can we say, we would do anything for our boy Spike!
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