Non air conditioned shed is no place for a dog

My dog is my companion.

  • I always try to take her with me wherever I go.

This is especially true when I do outdoor activities like horseback riding. I do a lot of trail riding and my dog does great with horses. She just follows along and leaves the other horses alone. Well, recently I decided to board my horse. I found a nice stable with access to private trails. But I ran into a problem the first time I wanted to ride with my dog along. I was immediately told that my dog could not be loose on the property. When I put a leash on her, and intended to ride out that way, I was told that was not allowed either. I asked if there was someplace I could leave her and was shown an un-air-conditioned shed. It was hot in there. There was no way I was going to leave my dog in that hot shed. But the patrons insisted. They wouldn’t even give me time to untack my horse so I could just leave. They demanded that I get the dog off of their property, on into the hot, non air conditioned shed, immediately. I ended up putting my dog in my car, leaving it running with the air conditioner on, and untacking the horse there at my car. I put all of my tack in the car too. It then drove home with my dog, to our air conditioned house, and am currently looking for a new place to board my horse. One that allows dogs and doesn’t ask me to put my dog in an un-air conditioned space.

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