try to go a week without air conditioning

My spouse & I care about to go on fun mini holidays or getaways about several times per year together.

They usually only last a few afternoons or a week at the most.

I honestly wish that the people I was with and I could stay longer, however our demanding jobs do not allow us to. The last mini holiday that the people I was with and I took actually ended up being quite miserable. The people I was with and I rented ourselves a beautiful lake house in the middle of nowhere. It was super nice when we got there, & it was right on the lake. Everything was perfect except for the unfortunate fact that the lake house did not have cooling system, & at that point the people I was with and I came to the conclusion that we did not realize this fact when we booked it. I made the mistake of not even checking to see if it had working cooling system because the people I was with and I had personally never stayed in a locale before that did not have cooling system install. I just did not even think to check, but I will never make that mistake again for the rest of my life. It was so miserable. It was over ninety degrees outside, & right away the lake house felt even warmer than outside. It was so warm ensign that the people I was with and I could not sleep in the cabin that night. The people I was with and I ended up sleeping in the automobile for many hours with the cooling system on for several of the nights, & the last night, the people I was with and I slept outside under the beautiful stars because it was a tad bit cooler that night. It was to function separate from cooling system. I know that people did it before for thoUSnds of years before the modern cooling system was invented, however once you get used to such comfort and luxury, it is tough to go back.

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