Me and my pop’s deal

Ever since I gained my degree in working on computers, my pop and I made an arrangement.

My pop is an Heating plus A/C serviceman, although he has never liked fixing my gas furnace plus air conditioning for free… However, I don’t ever expect my pop to service my gas furnace and air conditioning for free.

He regularly does it when he hears that my Heating and my A/C units are down, although he regularly hoped that I would get a great job so that I could pay for my own Heating as well as A/C servicemans; Now that I could service any computer, I decided to make my pop a deal. My pop is regularly having trouble with his computers, and I am regularly having trouble with my gas furnace plus the air conditioning; I told my pop that I would cheerfully service his computers anytime they stopped working if he would promise to help me service my gas furnace and my air conditioning. I would be saving cash on my Heating and also on my A/C units because of the work that I think how to do, plus he wouldn’t have to feel I am abusing his Heating as well as A/C comprehension by fixing my gas furnace and also air conditioning for free, both of us have had this arrangement going on for a while, plus my Heating and my A/C units have been finally working great since then. I have even been able to save up enough cash to purchase a very new and pricey central air conditioning and heating unit so that my pop doesn’t have to service them all of the time, plus he has saved enough cash to buy a newer computer. It is really great.