I put things off as long as possible

When it comes to doing my laundry, I do it as infrequently as possible! I will let it pile up until I literally am down to my last pair of underwear before I do the wash.

I am the same way with my dishes, only when the last bowl and the last spoon is dirty and I can’t eat any more cereal will I finally wash the dishes.

I put off showering as much as possible, too, but I do shower every other afternoon or so just so I don’t reek. I never before thought about having to clean out all of my ductwork. However to be fair even if I had known about it, I would have blown it off. If I don’t want to do the dishes that are right in front of me, then why would I want to crawl inside the ductwork to clear out dust? That said, once I finally realized the ductwork had been gradually getting dirtier over the last few years, I finally realized that I needed to do something about it. Since I get so dirty, I believe that I generate a lot of extra dirt plus dust in the air, plus that has to collect inside the ductworks and the vents in my house. I called around to a few of the Heating and Air Conditioning companies in town, however none of them are doing duct cleaning at the moment with this quarantine going on. Most Heating and Air Conditioning techs are only taking emergency service calls at the moment for things that can’t wait any longer. To get a ductwork cleaning done, I just have to call back after the lockdown has been lifted here.
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