I am hopeful for more heat

I have never been alone in our beach house before, and abruptly I am finding all kinds of little drafts. It is funny how much colder a beach house feels when you are alone. There isn’t anyone to take your attention away from the cold, or the odd little noises that are in a house. I know our hubby will only be gone for a couple nights, however I’m not liking it already. I go away for a couple weeks, every summer. He always says how quiet it is and how much he enjoys it. He has the air conditioner to block out the sounds in the house. It is Winter time right now, and I don’t have the drone of the air conditioner. I have the sound of the heating, however it is not legitimately loud. We have a boiler and only occasionally do both of us hear the heating coming through the water pipes. I’m sure I’ll hear it more now that our hubby isn’t here. I’m hoping I do hear the heating turn on. It will be comforting to hear something other than nothing. I don’t care about the way it is so quiet here. I don’t care about being alone. I hope this doesn’t happen too often. I may be turning up the thermostat just to make the gas furnace turn on for the noise. When our hubby gets home, it may be easily hot in here. I’ll have to tell him he can’t go away without me, ever again. With our luck, I’ll run out of oil and the boiler won’t work for long. I won’t be able to turn up the thermostat because without the oil, the gas furnace won’t work.

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