Looking for a Nissan Skyline for our fiance

When my hubby asked for my hand in holy matrimony, he presented me with the most charming diamond ring.

This thing is three carats of princess split chocolate diamonds, set in an Infinity band.

It’s easily one of the most charming pieces of jewelry that I have ever laid my eyes upon. I wear it every single day, and I never take it off, even to shower. I wanted to buy my wonderful fiance an engagement present as well, but I knew getting a ring wasn’t the right thing; and after all, my hubby wasn’t the type of guy to ever wear jewelry anyways. Instead, my hubby is seriously into cars, so I thought of the perfect gift for him. He has always shown interest in a Nissan Skyline. It’s hard to find those vehicles here in the states because they are from the Japanese Domestic Market. I started looking online, and I found a JDM importer locally within an hour’s drive. A few weeks ago, I drove to that town to meet with the importer! She showed me a list of available vehicles, and just one of them was a yellow and black Nissan Skyline, but the car is 25 years old. However, it is still perfectly safe for importing into the states. I then offered the JDM importer half of the money up front, so she could safely get the vehicle through customs for me. I’m expecting delivery of the Nissan Skyline this weekend, and I am absolutely starting to get excited. The importer is going to call me as soon as the wonderful car arrives on the lot. I hope it looks as great as the pictures showed. I really think my hubby is going to be genuinely surprised when he sees his wonderful engagement present.


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