Another service for online businesses

I am thankful that I was around back in the day when our father was first discovering how to use online SEO to his – and our – advantage.

I watched as he created his own website, his very own web design and promoted his website through online ads.

This is where I began to learn the advantages digital SEO skills can provide you if you use it right. I also acquired many other terms that are used in SEO companies these days. Then, I acquired enough experience that I knew I also wanted to offer SEO services. Search engine optimization actually is what it’s called and if I offered SEO services to other businesses, I would basically help people find keywords that specifically match whatever their websites are about. So if their website is entirely about cooking and cookbooks, after that I recommend using many keywords on their website to help it rank better in search engine queries. Since I already had experience early on, I already knew most of the important tactics used in online SEO, and I could make wonderful money that way every day. Obviously, I was going to need a website to advertise our SEO business and of course, I already knew how to make a website, so that wasn’t a struggle. Then, once I actually got started, business started rolling in. Immediately, it was in high demand. While someone could learn how to do SEO properly on their own, a lot of people wanted SEO services so a trusted professional could make sure they were doing it right. That’s exactly where I come in.

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