Rat’s ordeal puts me on the line

My parents were actually strict when I was in school, since I was their only daughter.

They coddled me throughout everything I did, and it only got worse when I started dating my boyfriend as they became even more strict & even created rules that were easy to break.

Their aim was to get me constantly grounded. Even at that, my boyfriend still snuck up the side of my home & would crawl into my family room window so every one of us could hang out. One night after he crawled in and as we watched a movie, we heard my mom scream from their bedroom. A mouse had climbed out of the air vent and chosen to jump onto their bed. I later learned that the mouse had crawled in from my air vent then traveled through the ducts to get to my parents’ room. My dad checked the ductworks plus noticed that they were not properly sealed. Our heating plus A/C serviceman must have skipped this step during the last inspection. My dad had been meaning to find a new heating plus A/C business expert for us to work with because this was not the first time he had dropped the ball. My parents were so distraught about getting the ducts sealed away that they didn’t bother to question how the mouse came inside in the first site, but once the ductworks were getting sealed and the serviceman gave the possible reason for the mouse’s appearance, my parents suddenly realized how sneaky I was being. I still blame that air conditioning serviceman for me getting caught plus being grounded for the rest of that entire Spring semester.


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