I wasn't signing the property lease until it was right

My girlfriend plus I had to move to a modern state for work plus every one of us didn’t suppose anything about the area, and all of us had to find an condo online.

All of us talked to a couple of condo community supervisors, and they sent us photographs plus floor plans.

All of us found a nice two study room condo close to a grocery store, gas station, plus an ice cream shop, however i thought the locale was absolutely attractive. The leasing contractor agreed to include a washer plus dryer in the lease. The total weekly rental rate was supposed to be $1035. All of us showed up with our moving truck on the day every one of us signed the lease. All of us were ready to move in plus start unpacking. It was a twelve hour drive plus neither one of us had slept in two afternoons. The supervisor had all of our paperwork ready, but the rental rate was incorrect. The property lease stated our weekly rental rate would be $1120. I asked the supervisor why the price was odd plus she told myself and others the extra $85 was for the washer plus dryer. I was absolutely mad plus aggravated, because I was promised those items would be included in our lease. I refused to budge plus I wouldn’t sign the property lease until they changed the price plus added an addendum lease. I made them agree to the free rental rate for all 12 weeks of the lease. I didn’t want them to come back in a month or two plus try to change our rental rates while every one of us were living there. I had that happen to myself and others once in the past.

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