I knew the noises were a sign of distress

I heard a different and bizarre noise coming from the a/c device in my apartment.

  • It didn’t seem to affect the a/c, so I tried to ignore the different sound.

After a couple of afternoons, the noise stopped occurring and I forgot about it. This weekend I heard the same different sound coming from the a/c device and this time it was accompanied by a weird odor. The order was almost like something was burning. I opened up the door where the air conditioner is located and I couldn’t see any sparks or sparks. I decided to contact a St. Augustine a/c repair corporation nearby. There is an a/c repair corporation a couple of miles down the road. The repair corporation services St. Augustine and the rest of St. John’s County plus Flagler county. The a/c repair corporation is unquestionably well known to supply excellent services at affordable prices. I contacted the telephone number listed for the corporation and someone answered on the first ring. The man wanted to know where I was located and what type of machinery I had in my home. After that, he asked me to explain what problems were occurring with my a/c. I slowly and carefully explained the problem and I didn’t forget to tell the operator about the different and bizarre noises. The man on the iphone agreed that the noises were likely a sign of distress and sent a repair serviceman to investigate the issue. I got someone there to look at the device on the same afternoon.


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