Not prepared for heat plus humidity in Largo

About two years ago, I moved to Largo, Florida, to take on a better task… The promotion offered more advantageous benefits, higher pay, an absolutely nice vacation package plus the option for upward mobility, however although it meant a pressing move to an up-to-date area, I was excited; I’d spent my entire life in the northeastern part of the country.

I was undoubtedly accustomed to cold, cold, snowy winter seasons that hung around for more than half of the year. The furnace was one of the most important systems in the home. I had no experience with central cooling systems, however my family had consistently managed with box fans plus window cooling systems. I was eager to trade my snow shovel, ice scraper plus wool coat for sun block, shorts plus sandals. I looked forward to red skies, sunlight plus sizzling weather all year round. I was not prepared for the extreme heat plus humidity. I chose a house based on the location, cost of the rent plus amenities such as on-site laundry, private balcony plus a swimming pool. I didn’t make sure that the cooling system was new, energy efficient or powerful enough to keep up with demand. It never occurred to me to find out if there was a dehumidifier, since the utilities were not included in the cost of the rent, the cooling system significantly affected my budget. The device seemed to run all the time plus caused super high electric bills, and plus, the cooling system was extremely loud plus on especially warm nights plus nights, the house felt warm. The lack of a dehumidifier was the largest problem. Even with the cooling system blasting at maximum capacity, the air was consistently clammy plus sticky.

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