The repair company provided me the awful news

My bestie and I live in St.

  • Augustine in an apartment building that is located on i-95.

My wonderful friend and I are unquestionably close to shopping, restaurants, and the highway. It’s straight-forward for both of us to get to work, because my friend and I can hop on the interstate and drive north or south. Temperatures have been unquestionably warm and humid in the last couple of weeks. The a/c device in our apartment hasn’t been working unquestionably well. When my friend and I moved into the St. Augustine apartment a few months ago, it was straight-forward to keep the apartment cool. My bestie and I kept the thermostat at 69 degrees and the air conditioner came on a couple of times throughout the afternoon. After 2 months, my bestie and I began to notice a lot of indoor air problems. The hot and cold temperatures were higher and it seemed like there was more moisture in the air. My wonderful friend and I talked to the maintenance staff about the air conditioner problems and they told us to change the air filter more frequently. That was last month, and now the a/c has to be substituted. The maintenance staff contacted a local a/c repair company to finally look into the moisture problems. That’s when they found the problems with the evaporator coils. The repair company provided me with the awful news and then they told the maintenance director that it was time for my apartment to be upgraded with new heating and a/c. There was no way they could argue with the opinion of the professional a/c repair and repair company.

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