HVAC Repairman was Extremely Professional

Last week, I had to call the HVAC repair company because I was concerned about my furnace.

It is early October right now, and that means the need for the heater is right around the corner.

Admittedly, I live in the southeast, so I don’t need the furnace very often. Even so, there are some nights where I feel I have to use the heater because if I don’t the pipes might freeze. I rent the townhouse where I live, and if the pipes froze, the landlord would have to cover the cost of the repair, but nonetheless, I like to take care of things properly. So, anyway, I explained to the HVAC technician that I would like to have them come out and do routine maintenance and inspection on my furnace. I get this done once a year, and my property owner is always pleased to cover the cost. I was informed by the tech, though, that my landlord had dropped the HVAC maintenance agreement, so the cost would be much greater. For that reason, he insisted that my landlord had to be the one to call in for the furnace maintenance. I hesitated to call him, but I finally did, and my landlord was really grateful. He was unaware that he had not renewed the annual HVAC maintenance agreement and was happy to find out. The HVAC repairman was so professional, and that was quite nice to deal with. I think my property owner was happy about it, too, as he was able to get back up to speed with his normal household responsibilities. The furnace will be inspected next week.

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