If you haven’t tried radiant heated floors, don’t – you’ll get sucked into true comfort in no time!

When I get up in the day, it’s always the same routine before I officially start the day.

I brew some coffee to get moving, hop in the shower to quickly clean up, and by the time I step out of the shower I always can smell the coffee.

If that doesn’t wake me up, the uncomfortable jolt of freezing linoleum under my feet will do it! The coffee helps to keep waking up and warm up in equal measure, so I always adjust the control unit to ensure I can get some nice warm air in the house before finally leaving for work. It has always frustrated me though, feeling so freezing in the morning as I have to deal with the freezing floors. I had been thinking for a while now about that trying to track down a solution for the icey floors. A portable furnace in the bathroom felt dangerous due to the poor solution that is electricity and water. I didn’t want to end up starting a fire or electrocuting myself, so I called the Heating and A/C supplier to see about solutions for ice-cold floors. They were telling me in detail about radiant heated floors, which I easily had never heard of until that conversation. Essentially, there would be piping installed beneath all the flooring. That piping hooks up to a boiler system, which turns on to provide heat for the radiant floors! Heat-conductive material under the floorboards cause upwards movement of heat from the system. Energy efficiency was a major hype-point of heating, and I was ready to commit!

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