Radiant heated floors are definitely a wise investment – I just need to get how they work!

A little while back when I went to visit my younger sister, it blew me away to see just how comfortable her household was! Despite being winter, here her place was remaining nice and toasty with excellent air quality. I had never experienced such warmth! No drafts or freezing spots were in her home, anywhere at all. My heating system always has a draft forming, and the temperatures tend to be uneven through the house as a result. Her heating system was nothing like that! Instead, her home was perfectly even as far as heating went, so I felt nothing other than warmth flowing upwards from my feet. The crazy thing was, there was no heat flowing from the HVAC duct! It was a mystery to me, as I wondered how her home was so toasty with no heating from the ductwork. Once I pressed about the heating system, she promptly explained that there’s radiant heated floors installed in her house. I didn’t even know this was a thing! She told me this, and I just couldn’t seem to get around it. “You mean you have heat flowing underneath the floors?” I asked her, sounding like a caveman in the year 2020. She told myself and others multiple times, “yes, dummy!” She explained further that she had piping under the floors, which brought heated water into the pipes. Those pipes then caused the heat to rise through the material under the floorboards, which meant the entire house would have a layer of heat slowly rising from the ground. Compared to forced air Heating and A/C systems, thi sheat would slowly rise up, instead of going straight for the ceiling. I think I’ll need to get invested in radiant heat myself, that’s for sure.

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