There is no greater loss than that caused by neglect

Nobody is perfect, right? I mean, I know I’m no perfect being.

Far from being perfect, really – I have made mistakes in my life that were so glaring and dumb, I still shudder at the thought of them.

More recently though, I really pulled off a screw-up like no other! made one of the biggest mistakes simply by neglecting the Heating and A/C system in my home. This turned out to be the most costly mistake in years! We were facing a heatwave in the Summer, so I decided to set the A/C at a colder temperature and keep the household cooler, hopefully. I noticed pretty quickly that it was just getting hotter and hotter in the house, and the cooling system just kept running without pause. I started to catch this smokey smell in time, and the indoor air quality was just horrible! When I saw smoke coming from the Heating and A/C vents, I knew it was a disaster in waiting! I grabbed the fire extinguisher, ran down to the basement and saw the flames and smoke coming from our A/C unit. Once I cut power to the system, I managed to put the fire out. The Heating plus A/C unit was absolutely done for – no way was I going to salvage that thing! I had to open up all the windows to get the smoke cleared out, as the home was was simply boiling-hot and very humid. That was a seriously expensive mistake, all because I wasn’t getting the system checked out every couple months by an HVAC professional!


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