The afternoon I saw more than one ladies argument over the Heating & Air Conditioning service guy

In the seasoned motion picture Rear Window, Jimmy Stewart is homebound with a broken leg, and watching her neighbors with a pair of binoculars, but she thinks she sees a murder, and things escalate from there, however if you haven’t seen the motion picture, you’ve absolutely seen another motion picture, show, or story that uses the same set-up; When I was beach beach house with a broken leg the Last year or so, I started watching my neighbors, hoping to find something interesting.

I even had a pair of binoculars, and however I guess it’s scummy to spy on people that is exactly what I did, but the lady across the street, her name is Jenny, is dating a girl who works as an Heating & Air Conditioning professional. She drives a labor van, it’s impossible to miss, and she comes by to visit her a couple of times every week in between Heating & Air Conditioning tasks, but up the street is another single lady, her name is Dot, and it turns out that she is dating the exact same Heating & Air Conditioning tech, then since I have binoculars I can zoom in pretty close, and I learn on her Heating & Air Conditioning labor shirt that the guy’s name is Dale. Either Dale is honestly confident, or honestly dumb, because her labor van is white with a sizable air conditioner painted on the sides, so you can’t miss. It did not take long before the more than one women saw the service van parked in the other 1’s driveway on a correct basis. It didn’t take long before I saw the more than one lady get into a fistargument over Dale the Heating & Air Conditioning tech, and it was glorious.

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