I fell in love with the natural wood furniture

I love taking vacations. When my husband and I go on vacation, we always go to a different area of our country. I wanted to eventually see every state in the union. Last month, we had the opportunity to go to the midwest. We went to a hotel that was decorated in the style of the nineteenth century. Every room had natural wood furniture. The dining room was stunning in his gleaming worn wood decor. The only thing I didn’t like about the interior design was the bull heads and horns all over the walls. It made the room look tacky. The upstairs chairs had reed wrapped around the joints. The wood chairs had no comfortable upholstering to keep your bum comfortable. The wood bed had wood slats, and I swear the mattress was filled with feathers. I wanted the entire nineteenth century experience. When we went to see some of the sites around the area, I saw areas that showed how the Civil War affected them. I had somehow thought the Civil War was completely fought on the East coast. I was beginning to think of more than the wood furniture and the decor as being part of the Civil War Era. I was now seeing just a time when the country was still young and the law was held up by every citizen. Although the wood furniture was part of the nineteenth century, so was the ambience and memories that came out of what I learned was actual furniture from those times, that had been refurbished. I fell in love with the wood furniture and the nineteenth century over that week-long vacation.

Rustic meets traditional