No access to workout equipment

I graduated college with a sizable debt.

  • I owed a great deal in student loans and also had car payments, health insurance and credit card debt to deal with.

Although I immediately found a job, I wasn’t earning very much money. By necessity, I moved into a cramped apartment in an older building in a rather scary neighborhood. There was a great deal of crime, arguments and fights that occured on the street in front of my apartment. I couldn’t afford to sign up for a gym membership. I didn’t have sufficient space within the apartment for more than a chin-up bar. I could barely unroll my yoga mat. I tried going for a run through the neighborhood, but I was so terrified the entire time that it was an awful experience. I did a little research and found an athletic track that was open to the public. Nearly every day, I would get into my car and drive to this athletic field. I’d run anywhere from three to eight miles on the track. Sometimes I’d spread out my yoga mat and complete some crunches, push-ups or squats. I eventually started to carry free weights and a jump rope in the trunk of my car. I looked up the location of public parks and running trails in the local area. I worked on increasing my distance, stamina and speed. Eventually, I got promoted at work and started making more money. I was able to afford to move out of that tiny apartment and rent a bigger place in a much better area. I signed up for a gym membership and have access to all kinds of machines and group fitness classes. However, my favorite kind of workout is finding somewhere new to run.


Workout plans