Thinking of trying out a new fitness center

With a great deal of determination on my part, I’m gradually losing the weight I gained during a year of working strictly from home. It was nice to avoid the rush hour traffic everyday, but I missed walking up and down stairs. I missed strolling along city streets to browse at my favorite stores. I used to ride my bicycle at the park, following the paved trails. While working at home, it was too easy to make excuses. I rarely got outside or exercised. Since most stores offered free delivery service last year, there were few reasons to ever leave the house. That’s why I was somewhat relieved when my company announced we would return to working from the office again this Spring. I headed to the gym again and have since lost 15 pounds. It’s taken a lot of effort, time and commitment. My gym membership is about to expire and I’m wondering about trying a new fitness center for a change. My current gym is limited on weightlifting options and machines. There are only many bench presses and treadmills available. The bikes and ellipticals are regularly claimed and I need to wait to utilize the equipment I want. More often than not, somebody is already waiting off to the side for someone to finish. I’d also like to try out group fitness training classes. Once again, my existing gym offers only limited opportunities. They have crossfit and yoga, but I’m not interested in those. I would really like to try a spin class. I just want to burn as many calories as possible as fast as possible. I’ve heard really good things about the spin class at a newly built fitness center on the other side of town.

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