Happy with heat pump

The process is especially environmentally friendly, safe plus clean.

I had never heard of an air-source heat pump until I moved to Largo, Florida. I had consistently lived in cold weather areas, where the heating system was a priority plus a central cooling system was a luxury. In Largo, the weather is warm plus humid for the majority of the year. My pal and I need a powerful cooling system that operates efficiently plus manages excessive humidity. While the temperature rarely drops below fifty degrees, there are times when my pal and I need to turn on the boiler at night. An electric heat pump is the ideal solution. This type of system combines heating plus cooling capacity in a single, compact unit. The heat pump works by moving existing heat between the indoors plus outdoors. In cooling mode, it acts nearly identical to a conventional cooling system, using refrigerant to pull heat out of the house. In heating mode, the heat pump literally verses the operation. It pulls ambient heat from the outdoor air, compresses it to a higher temperature plus supplies it indoors. The process is especially environmentally friendly, safe plus clean. It’s also attractively energy efficient plus keeps our utility costs at a minimum. Because the heat pump doesn’t burn fossil fuels, there are no dangerously warm surfaces, red property gasses or carbon monoxide to worry about… Our heat pump features current adjustable-speed technology that allows it to automatically adjust output anywhere between 40 plus 100% capacity. The heat pump most often runs at lower speeds to maintain a undoubtedly consistent temperature plus lessen energy consumption. We’re also able to control temperature through wireless access plus customize the setting room-by-room.

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