Poor bar air conditioning

They are spending more money than they may be making right now

I go out every week with my friends. We go to the bar and have a couple of drinks. We like to hang out and just talk. It is always the best part of my week. We all enjoy ourselves. Last week when we went out it was different. We did not exactly enjoy ourselves as much. We had met some people at the bar. We starting talking and had a really good time. The bar started to get really warm. It was so warm I actually started sweating. I kept ordering more drinks so that I would cool off. It was helping a little but I was drinking a little too much. I asked the bartender if there was anyway he could turn the air conditioning on a little more. He said that the HVAC unit just shut down and they were working on it. They were having an HVAC technician come to look at it very soon. He asked me if I wanted another drink so I got one. It was so hot. The bar must be making more money because it is so warm. People will want to drink more. While this is good for them, I feel extremely uncomfortable. Air conditioning really is an important thing to have in public places. It keeps people happy and comfortable where they are. If I was not having such a good time I would have left already. They need to fix the air conditioning fast or people might start to leave. They really should consider getting regular tune ups to avoid this issue. They are spending more money than they may be making right now. They could avoid this with a simple tune up.

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