I've been at my job for about three years now. all of us co-workers get along and we like to try to do happy hour at least once a month.

Just this past month we’ve had a new person start in the office and at first I thought that they were really nice but the more I get to know her she’s kind of rude and a little controlling.

What I mean by that is this new person only thinks about herself.

She does not take in consideration of other people around her and she talks very loud on the phone. And worst of all she goes to the office thermostat and turns it up or down whenever she feels like it. As a new girl at a new job, you think that you would be seem somewhat shy because you haven’t really found your place yet. But no, she’s the total opposite. She thinks that she runs the office and can mess with the heating, ventilation and cooling systems thermostat whenever she feels like it. When it’s extremely cold out she wants the thermostat to be set at a lower temperature and when it’s extremely hot outside she wants the temperature to be warmer. It has got to the point where we had to go to our office manager to to tell him that the temperature conditions in our department are all over the place. I’m afraid that the amount of times in a day that she changes the thermostat, she’s going to mess up the heating and cooling system. And I was right, a week later we had a heating and cooling technician in our office to repair the heating cooling system. Now or office manager has a sign above the thermostat that reads no one can touch it. Let’s see if she follows that rule.

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