My boyfriend and I have been together for about six years and due to his job that consists of traveling 90% of the time we have always lived in an apartment.

Our apartment was great and the landlord that oversaw it what is one of the main reasons why it was such in great condition. And it was also in great condition because our landlord was really good at communicating. If there was ever an issue he would find a resolution that day. Last winter there was an issue with our heating system right in the middle of winter and my boyfriend was not around to take a look at it. I called my landlord and he looked at it and since it was out of his expertise and he didn’t want to cause any more problems with the heating and cooling system, he called a local certified HVAC technician. It was a good thing that the maintenance repairs of our heating, ventilation and cooling system are paid for by our landlord according to our rental contract because the repair was a few thousand dollars! The bill was so high because the heating system failed due to the age of the heating system. Since the heating system was 17 years old the HVAC technician recommended that it be replaced and our landlord agreed. At first our landlord was a little upset because he wasn’t expecting at all to replace an entire heating system. However we were certainly happy that throughout the rest of that winter we had very reliable heat! It was also a relief on my boyfriend because he knew that while he was away I wouldn’t have to worry about our heating system breaking down.


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